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About Us

All About WMS Since 2006

Founded in Stockholm in 2006 (as a logistics consultancy firm) and in 2014, Bitlog WMS was launched. Since then, we’ve worked hard to provide a service that only gets better.

Dedicated, growing team

The team is constantly growing, and while some joined recently, others have been on this journey since day one. "The ultimate place to work", some say. And we agree.

All About WMS

Bitlog provides a modern, cloud-native WMS software together with real-life expertise - the ultimate duo.

All About WMS Since 2006


The Bitlog Story

Bitlog's Story Told by The Founder & CEO

Bitlog WMS

This is Bitlog

We Are All About WMS

Bitlog provides cloud-native WMS software built for today’s dynamic global market. We apply our real life expertise to help e-commerce, retail and manufacturing businesses make warehousing a strategic pillar of operations.

From Sweden to The World

Bitlog HQ is located in Kista (tech district in Stockholm), with offices in Gothenburg, Eksjö, Uppsala and Ukraine. Historically, we have been working with Nordic businesses with distribution centers across Europe. Today we work with businesses globally.

Bitlog WMS can be used by any business - regardless of geographic location.

Dedicated Support Team

The Bitlog team is product-focused, working every day on upgrades and enhancements. On top of our technical know-how, we offer personalized support to help customers onboard quickly and continually advance their productivity in the warehouse and beyond.

Independent Company Backed by Tech Investors

In 2021, we proudly raised 10 million SEK in funding from Cloud Capital. With that momentum behind us, we’re continuing to grow and to provide our customers with the best possible WMS.