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How to Use an Apple Watch for Warehouse Picking

Did you know we have an Apple Watch integration?

We've been thinking about integrating the Apple Watch with Bitlog WMS ever since Apple released it. After all was said and done, we announced a feature integration a few years ago that allows consumers to utilize the Apple Watch during the picking process, thereby replacing the mobile device (nearly entirely).



The mobile device

To begin a new picking job, you must still use a mobile device. However, after the picking list is started, the mobile device can be comfortably kept in a pocket. Allowing your hands to be free.

The display will first present information about the next item to select. You will see all relevant information, such as the article number, shelf location, and number of goods.

You can report any issues directly in the Apple Watch from here.


Barcode scanner - yes or no?

It is optional to use a barcode scanner while picking with an Apple Watch.

When you scan a barcode on an item, the result appears instantaneously on the watch display. The next item to select is then displayed automatically.

As previously stated, there is a functionality to avoid using a barcode scanner entirely. To confirm that an item has been selected, scroll on the Apple Watch's digital crown on the side.

You may free your hands and boost efficiency by using an Apple Watch during the selection process.


Don't hesitate to contact us if you'd like more information about the integration or help to get started.

Fia Jonsson
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Fia Jonsson

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