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Exsitec: How We Helped Care of Carl


Exsitec-logoDuring our time as partners, Exsitec and Bitlog have started and finished a number various cases with customers that we are very proud of. Care of Carl is a good illustration of not only the benefits that a cutting-edge WMS system can give, but also how seamless a project based on such an investment can be.


Care of Carl Chose Effective Warehouse Management

Care of Carl, an e-commerce company situated in Borås, chose to focus on warehouse development in 2020. The project began with a warehouse relocation and a new WMS system. Bitlog was selected as the WMS system, with Exsitec as the implementation partner.

Care of Carl offers a carefully curated assortment of high-quality men's clothes and wants to help customers develop their particular style. In 2020, the e-commerce company anticipated sales of more than one billion dollars in the near future, and optimized warehouse management was a crucial step along the way to support its growth trajectory.


The Improvements and Implementation Project

Prior to using a WMS system, Care of Carl's processes were set up manually and consisted of pen and paper. It had been a long-standing habit, but they knew that it was both time-consuming and dangerous. There were various issues with incorrect picks and inventory balances, and the entire process was slow. To cope with the next stage of growth, they knew they needed a system that could digitize work and support internal operations.

With the help of Bitlog and Exsitec, Care of Carl was able to swiftly streamline the picking and packing operations by up to 30%. The implementation project itself proceeded efficiently and smoothly, and when it was time to deploy the solution after 6 months, Care of Carl was able to fully utilize the system from the outset.


Read the case in full (in Swedish): 


About Exsitec

At Exsitec, we work to deliver digital solutions that improve our customers' operations and make a real difference. By combining selected systems and services into a functioning whole, we create the conditions for each customer to achieve their ambitions.



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