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Ion Ciorici, Supply Chain Manager


Hägersten, Sverige


Thinking small is never a way for Pierce to do things, and this was true as early as 2005 when they were just a garage company selling motorcycle parts online. By capitalizing on a growing demand for products and fast, reliable deliveries, they soon became the top store for European customers and gas stations.

Today, their team consists of 380 people and they are present in 17 countries. Over the past few years, their organic growth has been incredibly significant - in the range of two or three digits. Without a reliable and seamless inventory management system, they would not have been able to maintain the same high level of service that their customers love them for.

"We chose Bitlog because we needed a flexible system that could support our aggressive growth."

Ion Ciorici, Supply Chain Manager, Pierce AB


In 2015, as Pierce grew and expanded rapidly, the company made the decision to incorporate its entire internal logistics system. Their plan was to construct a European distribution center to handle their 600,000 annual orders. Such substantial tasks could prove challenging for a traditional warehouse management system, leading Pierce to choose Bitlog as their preferred solution.


Pierce's implementation of the Bitlog platform is tailored to meet their unique and specific needs. Equipped with tablets, the warehouse staff can always stay on top of inventory levels and adapt to other teams on the go.

With Bitlog's reporting and analysis services, real-time data is visualized on screens at the headquarters - enabling all departments to track order status in real-time and gain a comprehensive overview of warehouse processes and the company's overall growth.


Image: Pierce's distribution center.


By switching to the Bitlog platform, Pierce achieved many of the goals they had set for their inventory management and discovered some unexpected ways to leverage the platform.

First and foremost, Pierce bid farewell to paperwork. With all inventory data available in the cloud at any time, there was no longer a need to store complex paper documents. The seemingly endless trails of emails between different departments and the warehouse also disappeared.

With the newfound ability to implement competitive methods for e-commerce inventory management, efficiency in receiving, storing, picking, and shipping significantly increased. For example, cross-docking and batch picking boosted productivity and created convenient and streamlined workflows.

Inspired by the success in the warehouse, other teams at Pierce also started implementing Bitlog. The Bitlog system was used to handle product photography, the area of value-added services, as well as returns and complaints.

With Bitlog, Pierce not only has a WMS that can keep pace with their growth but also a system that positively impacts other parts of the business. The flexibility of Bitlog's WMS software and its user-friendly interface enable everyone to stay in touch with the company's pulse as it expands, while also increasing their individual productivity.

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