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WMS made for e-commerce

Create the e-commerce warehouse of the future with Bitlog WMS

With Bitlog, you have an easier way to digitize your supply chain and create synergies across your retail business.

Get started quickly

Plug-and-play API integration plus personal support means start-up is quick, and so is scaling up.

Easily onboard staff

The easy-to-use Bitlog client app for mobile devices simplifies training and accelerates staff scale-up for peak demand.

Make picking smarter

Bitlog guides staff through the warehouse and supports productivity gains with cross-docking and multi-batch picking.

Evolve your automation

Integrate Bitlog WMS with AutoStore to maximize the power of automation in your warehouse.


What sets Bitlog's software apart from the competition?

Easy integration

Gear up your digitalization by leveraging seamless integrations with your shop platform and ERP.

Powerful e-commerce functionality

Speed up receiving, picking and returns with functionality tailored to suit the needs of e-commerce warehouses.

Standardized interfaces

Get your staff on board quickly with a reliable and easy to use iOS app installed on Apple iPads and iPhones.

Continual upgrades

Stay ahead of the competition with continual updates and new functionality designed for growing ecom shops.

Easy integration Powerful e-commerce functionality Standardized interfaces Continual upgrades


Care of Carl: From Manual to Magical

Care of Carl went from using the traditional picking lists and pens, to a digital platform.



How does Bitlog help your warehouse staff?

Make work fun and productive

Foster team building and motivate workers with tracking, follow-up and gamification features.

Eliminate guesswork on the floor

Fine-tune your stock movement with automated task prioritization based on rules you control.

Revolutionize your receiving

Gain flexibility in your goods receiving and streamline handling with cross-docking functionality.

Catch the wave of efficient picking

Make batch picking easy with automatic orders allocation based on weight and volume.

Make work more fun and productive Eliminate guesswork on the floor Revolutionize your receiving Catch the wave of efficient picking

Features and Pricing

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