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In this guide:

  • Equipment you need to started with a digital WMS
  • The steps of traditional order picking
  • Our seven most-used picking methods
  • How Relay Picking actually works
  • Why route optimization is crucial
  • How box calculation helps you be more cost-effective

Picking orders with Bitlog WMS

At Bitlog we put a lot of effort into developing a scalable and user-friendly product. Our goal is to continue assisting our customers in their efforts to grow and adapt to new challenges. Including new ways of picking orders.

Bitlog WMS can be configured to handle all types of picking, from the simplest to the most advanced types normally only available in high-end WMS systems.

Relay Picking 

At the Bitlog Summit, we introduced Relay Picking, a groundbreaking method in Bitlog WMS developed in collaboration with Nordic Nest.

If you have conveyors and want to combine automation with manual picking, this is the ultimate approach for you.


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