Bitlog and Confect join forces to enhance warehouse management

Stockholm - February 27th, 2024. Bitlog, a prominent provider of warehouse management systems (WMS), embarks on a collaboration with Confect to enhance warehouse management for businesses.




Bitlog, a leading developer of cloud-based warehouse management systems (WMS), announces a strategic partnership with Confect, an innovator aiming to democratize access to advanced technology. This collaboration is focused on providing businesses of all sizes with cutting-edge warehouse management tools, streamlining processes and enhancing decision-making capabilities.


"Collaborating with Confect provides us with an incredible opportunity to reach more businesses that can benefit from our technology," stated Fred Boström, CEO of Bitlog. "We are excited about the prospect of offering a solution that not only optimizes warehouse processes but also supports business growth and adaptability."


About Bitlog

Bitlog is a prominent provider of cloud-based warehouse management systems (WMS), specializing in offering scalable, flexible, and user-friendly solutions. With a passion for innovation and customer customization, Bitlog strives to enhance warehouse processes and increase efficiency for businesses worldwide. Visit for more information.

About Confect

Confect was founded with a clear mission: to make modern ERPs accessible to all companies. By offering critical ERPs in a cost-effective manner, Confect achieves this goal. The company's commitment to delivering high-quality, affordable solutions reflects its ambition to democratize access to advanced technology for businesses of all sizes. Visit for more information.


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Fia Jonsson, Bitlog, 

Niclas Nässlander, Confect,

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