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Stefan Edberg, Operations Manager
Andreas Schwitsky, Warehouse Manager


Västerås, Sverige


Kids Brand Store offers branded clothing and accessories for fashion-conscious youth. With their headquarters and warehouse located in Sweden, they deliver to customers across Scandinavia and northern Europe.

An essential aspect of Kids Brand Store's brand DNA is providing a seamless and flawless customer experience. In addition to their online store, their warehouse plays a crucial role in delivering superior customer service and satisfaction.

"With Bitlog, we know that we have a partner who wants to grow with us - it is incredibly important."

Stefan Edberg, Operations Manager, Kids Brand Store


In order to compete with their rivals and satisfy their customers, Kids Brand Store requires real-time inventory data, accurate order picking, swift deliveries, and speedy refunds. However, as their business grew rapidly, their outdated paper-based WMS hindered them from maintaining the desired level of service.

They faced inventory management issues that caused incorrect order picking, faulty deliveries, and inconsistent warehouse handling. Furthermore, their system repeatedly crashed, resulting in operational downtime that negatively impacted their business.

As Black Friday approached, Kids Brand Store knew they had to swiftly address these problems. Without a well-functioning WMS, their warehouse could potentially become overwhelmed with orders, leading to subpar customer experiences.


The critical situation demanded swift and decisive action. After thoroughly exploring the market of WMS solutions, Kids Brand Store chose to implement Bitlog - a step that would ultimately transform their inventory. With only six weeks to implement the new WMS, the Bitlog team quickly got to work.

Bitlog's user-friendly, intuitive interface enabled everyone to quickly learn how to use it. By using tablets instead of paper picking lists, the pickers could easily locate the items and fulfill multiple orders simultaneously.

By migrating all data from paper to Bitlog's fully digital, cloud-based platform, the Kids Brand Store team could keep track of inventory and balances in real-time and properly prepare for the upcoming Black Friday rush.


Image: Kids Brand Stores boutique at Emporia (shopping center) in Malmö.


The decision to switch to the Bitlog system resulted in an almost immediate increase in picking speed, from 55 lines to 80 lines per hour. The digitalization eliminated inconsistencies in inventory balances. Today, all approved Kids Brand Store employees can easily access crucial information in the system.

Since implementing Bitlog, Kids Brand Store's management team has noticed benefits that extend beyond the warehouse, including an improvement in customer service ratings. Even when issues arise, employees are now equipped with a reliable system to quickly resolve any problems.

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